"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy." - Thich Nhat Hanh

Saturday, August 14

What a wonderful day (:

   Today is the first day I haven't felt like a complete loser in a while.
It started rather early for a Saturday, I woke up and 6:50, and left my house at 7. Then,  I had the joy of riding a bus for an hour and a half to go to our soccer games. We won the first 3-2, and the second we only played one half and then it got called due to the fact the heat index was 107 degrees.
Afterwards, our team hit up Mickey D's and the headed back to the school. Both bus rides there and back I slept mostly.
   I drove home, showered, and then got ready to leave again. I ended up going to eat mexican with Stacey and Katey. The plan was to go to the football jamboree afterwards, but it was delayed because of the heat. So then we went to Sonic, the dollar store, and Staci's house for around ten minutes. About that time, it was time for the games to start.
   We paid for our way in, and found a seat. Then, Lauren enlightened me with the fact that it was delayed another half hour because of lightening. For a little while, we stuck around and talked to Kelsy, but then it looked as if it was about to pour any minute so we headed back to my car. Less than a minute after we got in, the rain started fallen.
   We made a trip to Shell, and then back to Stacey's house. Katey had to leave not that long after we got that, but I stuck around and talked to Staci for a while. It was quite enjoyable, I haven't really ever hung out with her, but she's always been around. She's a soccer manager, and she goes to my church. As a matter of fact, she's riding with me to church in the morning.

Good day, I'd say (:

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